About Us

Bioforge is a biomedical hardware and software company, dedicated to support hospitals and doctors deliver effective and precision healthcare using innovative technology. At Bioforge we are constantly researching and developing novel solutions to existing problems in the healthcare industry. Some in terms of lower cost equipment. Other solutions in regards to automation or appropriate software applications.


Quality healthcare solutions at a fraction of the price

What We Do

To reach our ambitious goal, we, at Bioforge, believe that our approach must be from all sides, considering all aspects of healthcare, from the moment a patient walks into a hospital to the moment they leave healthily again. This includes the development of affordable but quality, state of the art medical equipment, and also utilization of mankind’s most innovative tools in technology, including programmes that aid the doctor in patient data analysis, diagnostics and improvements. Leading to an integrated approach that one day, we believe, will make healthcare a much easier issue to tackle.

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