Bioforge Oxysaver

The Need

Patients even in the most well-equipped hospitals in India are dying as oxygen supplies are running out, due to the new variant of Covid-19. With the pandemic slowly taking a more catastrophic turn, we anticipate a huge surge in the demand of oxygen in other regions of the world.

Rapid increase of the production of oxygen to meet the sudden rise in oxygen demand is not feasible in developing countries.

Our Approach

To meet this exponential surge of demand we have developed a functional medical grade device which prolongs the usage of each oxygen cylinder over 100%.

Bioforge Oxysaver Concept

Sensors embedded in cannula detects patient’s breathing

Bioforge Oxysaver interprets signals received

Bioforge Oxysaver sends control signal to activate/deactivate oxygen flow

Bioforge Oxysaver Implementation

Cannula Sensors with embedded sensors

Bioforge Oxysaver interprets signals received

Bioforge Oxysaver Valve fitted on Oxygen Cylinder

In-built Safety Features of Bioforge Oxysaver

Fail-Safe: Valve-attached to cylinder remains on, allowing full oxygen flow.
Valve reverts to flow mode after 8 seconds of inactivity detected sensors. No feedback delay, ensuring Ideal SPO2 levels provided by regular cylinders


Reduction of cost of oxygen for hospitals by over 50%.Availability of oxygen supply doubles for patients. Can be retrofitted on to any standard oxygen cylinder, requiring no additional modifications


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Development Stage

The Bioforge Oxysaver is passed its Prototyping Stage and is now proceeding towards Clinical Trials