Bioforge Vital Signs Monitor

Building Better Healthcare.

Bioforge has developed a complete and connected Vital Signs Monitoring System that allows freedom of movement of the patient, while relaying and recording patient vitals continuously.

What we aspire to achieve

Vital patient data is being collected by countless devices every moment around the world. However, this is lost forever when it trails off the screen of the device. Moreover, in many places it cost makes them prohibitively expensive in intensive care settings. We are working to remove these barriers in the healthcare industry

  • Automated Remote Monitoring System
  • Improved Hospital Management System
  • Doctor and Patient Care Efficiency and Safety
  • Reduce Cost on Medical System
  • Improved Patient Accessibility in the Long Run
  • Implement an Early Warning Score (EWS) System
Development Phase
  • Research Completed
  • Prototyping Completed
  • Testing Completed
  • Manufacturing In Progress


The devices use standard medical sensing probes to pick up the vital signs of the patient and send them to a small unit. Information is then transferred either by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in a fully encrypted form to a nearby bedside unit and also to the hospital cloud servers. Parameters measured include pulse, SPO2, body temperature, ECG and also patient movement. These can be monitored even when the patient is not connected to the bedside unit. The wearable component can also detect if the patient has suffered a fall near or away from the bed, and notify healthcare providers. More features of predictive monitoring will be developed using AI and Machine learning technologies.This technology in conjunction with our upcoming hospital management system will create a powerful and capable ecosystem for doctors and patients to experience a new level of healthcare.

Technology Presentation at GHF 2022

Healthcare innovation presentation at Global health Lab, Geneva Health Forum 2022

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