Covid-19 Response


Pandemics do not happen frequently, and moreover, ones of the scale of the current COVID-19 pandemic are few and far between. These outbreaks test mankind’s preparedness in dealing with. Even though there is much for us to learn from this pandemic, we must rapidly also prepare to respond to the current scenario. For that, us at Bioforge Health have developed a number of devices that can benefit medical and non medical professionals as they return to the new normal.

UV-C Sterilization Chamber

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These are containers equipped with three UVC fluorescent lights that can sterilize everyday objects like masks, wallets, small bags, keys, glasses, etc. Just put them in and leave for an hour. The door has a safety switch to present any direct exposure to UVC when the chamber is opened.

Air Sterilizer

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Closed areas with low amounts of fresh external air carry a greater risk for the transmission of the coronavirus through the air. Using up to 7 full length UV-C lights and constantly pushing turbulent air from the room into the system will gradually, over time kill almost all airborne pathogens, including the coronavirus. The air sterilizer technology is based on established scientific research from prestigious institutions around the world.