Hospital Management System


IBM states that the human race has created more than 90% data ever created over the last two years. A huge and growing part of this data is healthcare data. Hospitals and healthcare institutions are in more need than ever to find a way to maintain and understand the data they generate. Unfortunately most of the current systems used in Bangladesh are either paper based, or if software based, they usually do not maximize the use of the data generated.


We believe this storage and use of data should be accessible to all institutions in need of it. It will greatly improve the delivery of treatment. Once the data can be stored properly, it needs to be presented in a manner that is easy to understand. This would allow healthcare workers on all levels to carry out better data driven decisions.


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Development Stage

We are currently in the implementation and testing phase with hospitals in the country. Initially with the deployment of admission and discharge modules. In-patient, laboratory and other modules are currently under development.

Cloud based systems rendering Software As A Service (SAAS) allows for easy to deploy and adaptable systems. Given that such systems would be accessible from all sorts of devices also means that hardware limitations are reduced. Implementation is also much lower cost, considering that the institutions using such systems will require minimal hardware improvement. Data would be transferred and also stored using the highest level of security available, including SHA-256 encryption. Such systems will also be easy to keep up to date with the latest medical protocol standards including ICD 10&11, HL-7, PACS and more.