Bioforge ICU VSM Bridge

A novel and groundbreaking technology that can connect any vitals monitor of any make or model to a central network and track patient health in real time.

A device that connects any vitals signs monitor to a central station and tracks patient vitals using Computer Vision for continuous monitoring and scoring.

What we aspire to achieve

The projected impact of implementing our VSM Bridge technology are the following but not limited to : 1. 40% Reduction in ICU Stay  2. 28% Reduction in general ward stay

  • Software based Patient Management
  • Continuous Remote Monitoring
  • VSM Data Monitoring and Integration
  • Medical Calculators
  • Generation of Early Warning Score (EWS)
  • Mobile Integration
Development Phase
  • Research Completed
  • Prototyping Completed
  • Testing In Progress


The bridge device can connect and read data from any vitals monitor, making the system brand or model independent. NEWS scoring done in real time. Remote monitoring provides better safety of healthcare workers. VSM Bridge enables equitable utilisation of limited hospital workforce across geographies. It also optimises hospital capacity utilisation. This will all lead to improved patient outcomes and long term cost reduction

Technology Presentation at GHF 2022

Healthcare innovation presentation at Global health Lab, Geneva Health Forum 2022

For more details download our project brochure