Phototherapy Lights


When a baby is born, it takes some time for all of their organs to reach full functionality. One such organ is the liver. Even though this usually does not cause major complications, there are a few cases where intervention is required. Blood cells break down into bilirubin. A critical step in its removal is carried out in the liver. This buildup can be easily prevented with phototherapy. In this process the baby is exposed to a specific wavelength of blue light.

PTL Circuitry
PTL Version 2.0


The device used for this process can be considerably expensive, which usually translates into higher healthcare costs borne by the family of the newborn. At Bioforge, we wish to alleviate the institution and the patients from this additional cost by providing phototherapy at a significantly lower cost, but with better standards of treatment. This would open up the option of safe and effective phototherapy at an affordable cost in both rural and urban settings in Bangladesh


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Development Stage

The device is currently beyond the prototype phase. We are currently preparing for clinical trials of the device, shortly after which we will prepare for manufacturing and distribution

The device uses LEDs that emit light of the 460-490nm wavelength. The LEDs operate at a low power consumption and have an extremely long operational lifetime, meaning that the device is not only affordable to obtain, but also in operation, and will help render treatment for many years to come.